Meet Madera

Empowerment Coach

Madera has been a student of self-improvement for the past thirty years with experience in psychodynamic therapy and imago therapy. She has a thirty-year practice of Journaling, and completed her Masters’ thesis on Cognitive Styles and Depression. She has done extensive research in the field of mind-body connection and neuroscience.


Madera helps women align with their power center to 

get unstuck. Using advances in neuroscience, Madera

leads you to understand your past programming and 

shows you how to access a deeper energetic field within you that you can choose to access daily. The key is alignment with your Inner Truth while quieting down the inner chatter that leads you astray.


When you learn that you have a particular energy vibration underneath all your thoughts and emotions, and that your vibration is deeply affecting your life and everyone around you, you will discover an inner empowerment that is more loving, more clear, and more satisfying than you have ever felt before. 

Benefits include a fresh perspective, more fulfilling relationships, deeper connection with your purpose, trusting yourself, and long-lasting strategies for reaching your goals.

What are the benefits for me?

Why coaching - not therapy?

Coaching is a more positive approach to making lasting life changes. There are no labels or diagnoses. Coaching is designed to help you pinpoint exactly what is preventing you from making positive changes.

You will receive:

A 60 to 90 minute intake session
Weekly 30 minute sessions on zoom
Access to Madera on Marco Polo app

What do I get with the 3 month coaching package?

Repeated patterns of poor relationships and career choices, feeling bad about yourself, being indecisive, parenting difficulties and repeatedly failing with sticking to your personal goals.

What particular problems can coaching help me with?

Feeling too busy to take care of yourself is a sure sign you need coaching! By spending time on yourself - you will balance your life in a way that significantly increases your well-being.

What if I am too busy to do this?

What I Specialize In

Reset Your Lifestyle

Establish Healthy Habits

Adopt a Zero-Proof Lifestyle

Actualize Life Goals

30 Years Journaling


The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.


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