Updated: Mar 2

  1. Read Allen Carr's book Quit Drinking.

  2. Set a target date for yourself.

  3. Alcohol-proof your home environment

  4. Write a list of 5 alternative behaviors instead of drinking (examples: exercise, art project, reading, magazine reading, needlework, adult coloring, walking in nature)

  5. Be accountable to one safe person in your life who doesn't have a personal agenda.

  6. Read books about being alcohol-free (Annie Grace's This Naked Mind, Craig Beck's Alcohol Lied to Me, Holly Whitaker, Quit Like a Woman)

  7. Find a pretty and meaningful drinking glass and plan mocktails or other special alternative drinks.

  8. Keep a journal to write down situations that trigger you to drink.

  9. Get a Calendar and draw a picture in each square of the date you didn't drink.

  10. Remember always - if you slip up - don't Quit Quiting!

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